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#include "cyclus.h"
#include "rwc_version.h"
namespace cycamore {
class Storage : public cyclus::Facility {
Storage(cyclus::Context* ctx);
virtual ~Storage(){};
virtual std::string version() {return RWC_VERSION;};
virtual void Tick();
virtual void Tock() {}
virtual void AcceptMatlTrades(const std::vector<std::pair<
cyclus::Trade<cyclus::Material>, cyclus::Material::Ptr> >& responses);
virtual std::set<cyclus::RequestPortfolio<cyclus::Material>::Ptr>
virtual std::set<cyclus::BidPortfolio<cyclus::Material>::Ptr> GetMatlBids(
cyclus::CommodMap<cyclus::Material>::type& commod_requests);
virtual void GetMatlTrades(
const std::vector<cyclus::Trade<cyclus::Material> >& trades,
cyclus::Material::Ptr> >& responses);
#pragma cyclus clone
#pragma cyclus initfromcopy
#pragma cyclus infiletodb
#pragma cyclus initfromdb
#pragma cyclus schema
#pragma cyclus annotations
#pragma cyclus snapshot
virtual cyclus::Inventories SnapshotInv();
virtual void InitInv(cyclus::Inventories& inv);
void ReadyPush(std::vector<cyclus::Material::Ptr> mats);
cyclus::Material::Ptr ReadyPop(int obj_id);
cyclus::Material::Ptr ReadyPopQty(double qty);
#pragma cyclus var { \
"doc": "Name for recipe to be used in requests." \
" Empty string results in use of an empty dummy recipe.", \
"uitype": "recipe", \
"default": "", \
std::string inrecipe;
#pragma cyclus var { \
std::string incommod;
#pragma cyclus var { \
std::string outcommod;
#pragma cyclus var { \
"internal": True, \
"default": {}, \
std::map<int, int> time_npop;
#pragma cyclus var { \
int wait_time;
#pragma cyclus var { \
"default" : 1e299, \
double invsize;
#pragma cyclus var { \
"default" : True, \
bool discrete;
#pragma cyclus var { \
"internal": True, \
"default" : 1e299, \
double waitingbuf_size;
double readyqty_;
std::map<int, cyclus::Material::Ptr> ready_;
#pragma cyclus var { \
"capacity" : "waitingbuf_size", \
cyclus::toolkit::ResBuf<cyclus::Material> waiting;
} // namespace cycamore