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This is a prototype of treating an article like an application. Namely, the ability to locally edit article contents contained within a README using the editor of the author's choice and to render the article locally using (remote, and thus up-todate) Dev Center styling. This does not attempt to address deployment to the Dev Center.

This is also a start in the direction of providing a git repo complete with article template for authors to fork and begin editing with minimal overhead.

Clone Template Article

Begin by forking this template repo to your own your own GitHub account. Then clone to copy the template to the local environment.

$ git clone my-article
$ cd my-article

Render Article Locally

Before editing the article run the article to see its rendered state in a local environment that provides real-time rendering of the article contents.

$ foreman start
15:30:24 web.1     | started with pid 42618

Open your browser to localhost:5000 to view the article with Dev Center styling.

Edit Article

Edit the article in the README file. Save changes and go back to the browser. Reloading localhost:5000 will re-render the article without a server restart.


Directions for submitting to Dev Center editors...