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= form_tag(search_gists_path, :method => "get") do
= label_tag(:q, "Search your gists:")
= text_field_tag(:q, params[:q])
= submit_tag("Go")
= "(last updated: #{current_user.last_gh_fetch ? current_user.last_gh_fetch.to_formatted_s(:short) : "not yet"})"
- for result in @results
/ %p= result.inspect
- if result.highlight
%p= link_to((result.highlight.description ? result.highlight['description'].first.html_safe : result.description), result.url)
- if(result.highlight[:'files.content'])
- result.highlight[:'files.content'].each do |highlight|
%code= highlight
- else
%p= link_to(result.description, result.url)
$(function() {
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