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The Clean theme was developed for Nesta CMS with a focus on:
-* Readability: the content should get main billing
+* Readability: the content should be the sole focus of the site and should be as easily consumed as possible
* Syntax highlighting: developed by a developer for developers it should always have first-class support for syntax highlighting
* Cloudability: the theme should always play well with cloud environments like Heroku
+## Screenshots
+### Home page/articles list
+![Home/article list screenshot](
+### Article w/ TOC
+![Article screenshot](
+### Syntax highlighting
+![Syntax highlighting screenshot](
## Environment dependencies
The following environment varibles are used by Clean.
@@ -16,11 +30,29 @@ The following environment varibles are used by Clean.
* `NESTA_AUTHOR__LINKEDIN`: The author's public LinkedIn URL shortname. Example: `rwdaigle` will result in `` being used.
* `NESTA_POWERED_BY`: If you want to have the small Heroku logo displayed in the footer, set this to 'true'. Delete it if you don't.
-Several standard Nesta variables are also referenced.
+Several standard Nesta variables are also referenced and should be set for the best experience.
+## Installation
+Install the theme as a git submodule to get the benefits of future updates.
+mysite$ git submodule add git:// themes/clean
+And make sure your `config/config.yml` file (or `NESTA_THEME` env var) specifies the `clean` theme.
+The Nesta-approved installation method is to do:
+mysite$ nesta theme:install git://
+though future updates won't be as easily propogated.

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