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Styles look a bit funny on lists of articles #3

gma opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Graham Ashton Ryan Daigle
Graham Ashton

Here's a screenshot…


Ryan Daigle

Indeed they do. The theme was developed hand-in-hand w/ the app template. Is it normal/possible for a theme to provide and override with its own index.haml file? Not sure if that's bad form or not.

Graham Ashton

You can't provide content in a theme, no. That's partly why the default content/pages/index.haml (it's in the templates folder in nesta) uses helpers to list the articles; the theme could redefine those helpers and control the markup used to render a list of articles that way.

Putting content in themes would break when people use Nesta for sites that aren't blogs (such as

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