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This is a list of issues that we need to fix before making a Mephisto
release based on Rails 2.2.
/ Try to upgrade to gem version of coderay
/ Fix TZInfo to work again
/ Security audit--see below
/ Fix script/generate
Figure out why Mephisto won't work unless tzinfo is installed
Fix two intermittent comment failures in mephisto_controller_spec
Follow up on courtenay's BlueCloth patch
Add notes about db:create and Unicode to install notes
Make sure we know what's up with plugins
We need to review our TODO comments
== Fixing JavaScripts
Our JavaScripts are actually pretty broken, and have been for a while.
Update to latest Prototype
Fix admin/articles
Fix admin/assets
Test other controllers for breakage
== Security
Here's a list of remaining security work:
Admin only
For now, we'll assume that users with access to /admin don't try XSS
Filter file names for uploads
Can we block file uploads into public? What about caching?
Review mass assignment in admin controllers
Only allow global admin functions on site 1 (or admin domain?)
Can we isolate articles, etc., from admin to prevent XSS?
Review another time
Improve password changing
Can we use SafeERB for Liquid templates?
Expire sessions after a while?
Do we need to upgrade to an industrial-strength HTML sanitizer?
Require the user to enter the old password when changing it
This will break our password reset system--need a major fix
Require password to change e-mail address?
Detect mass assignment failures in unit tests - not really security issue
== Mass assignment protection
# We need to modify this and put somewhere appropriate.
ActiveRecord::Base.class_eval do
# Raise an error if mass-assignment occurs during unit tests. Taken from:
def log_protected_attribute_removal(*attributes)
raise "Can't mass-assign these protected attributes: #{attributes.join(', '
== After next release
Handle inactive users with named scopes, not acts_as_versioned
Clean out the issue tracker
rake rails:update:javascripts
(complicated because mephisto/application.js depends on older versions)
Fix sidebar tabs to do something sensible with unsaved articles