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filtered_column_code_macro: Default to 'rake test'

In general, Rails applications seem to reserve a bare rake command for
running 'rake test'.  So I'm going ahead and making that the default
here, for better or for worse.
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1 parent b421706 commit a41b1943fb1d8b9b67a91aa61bf8d6894ac6f951 @emk emk committed Feb 9, 2009
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@@ -10,8 +10,7 @@ require 'pathname'
$: << Pathname.glob(Pathname(__FILE__).parent.parent.parent + 'gems' + 'coderay*' + 'lib').to_s
require 'coderay'
-desc 'Default: generate default_coderay.css'
-task :default => :generate_default_coderay_stylesheet
+task :default => :test
# This task is useful to generate a new default CodeRay stylesheet after
# updating the coderay gem in 'vendor/gems' to insure that the

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