A JAVA web application used to publish media files like photos to the web
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Media Magpie is a JAVA web application based on the spring framework that offers functionality to store and publish photos and videos to other users.

The application can be started as a standalone application on each linux machine and can scan specified paths for photos and videos. It is also possible to run this application on a server machine like an AWS EC2 one and to upload medias (photos/videos) simple by drag&drop your files to the upload page. The installation to an EC2 instance is very easy because there is a puppet-configuration that will do the complete installation process for you.

MediaMapgpie uses a relational database (currently mysql) to store all information around your medias like name, description, tags, EXIF-data etc. and user and jobs.


Here is a list of some features:

  • Supports different file formats like png, jpeg, gif, mpg etc.
  • MediaMagpie can crawl 0..n local directories to register medias
  • Media files can be uploaded via web frontend (drag & drop)
  • You can set meta information to medias like 'name' or 'tags'
  • You can arrange medias within albums
  • "View Modes" can be set to Albums used to hide or publish an album to other users or visitors
  • Supports drag & drop of media files
  • Thumbs of images and videos will be rendered when needed
  • The user can specify the size of preview/ thumb image
  • The application supports SSL to protect your credentials and medias
  • Optionally, you can store your medias on an amazon S3 system
  • The provisioning and installation of an EC2 Instance will be automatically solved with a puppet configuration
  • A vagrant solution a also available



MediaMagpie runs on each unix-/Mac platforms which have JAVA 1.7 JRE installed. The project contains a shell start script that starts the integrated jetty9 server and deploys the applications. The installation process is very simple.


All RDBMS can be used which are supported by Hibernate. Currently we use MySql and Hsql


a) MediaMagpie is a project based on maven build system. To create the distribution simple call

mvn clean package -Prelease

within the base directory.

b) To install the project with puppet on an ubuntu server, just call:

bash puppet/src/main/scripts/sync-dist-and-run-puppet-apply.sh <Name or IP of ubuntu machine>

If you install mediamagpie using puppet, puppet will install the application as an service which always run when the server starts. See /etc/init.d/mediamagpie.sh


Licenses from 3rd Party libs

See mm-distribution/license.html

Start the application

Starting the application with a shell script

In module mm-distribution there is a shell script 'mediamagpie.sh' which starts the application using the internal jetty server. See modules/mm-distritubion/README.md for more information.

Start from eclipse ide

Create a 'Java Application' Run Target with properties:

  • Project : mm-conductor
  • Main Class : de.wehner.mediamagpie.conductor.StartJetty9
  • VM Arguments: -Xmx350m -Ddeploy.mode=local Run or Debug your configuration and open you browser with url: http://localhost:8088