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A library to connect and stream data from the GNIP streaming API
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gnip-stream is a ruby library to connect and stream data from GNIP. It utilizes EventMachine and threads under the hood to provide a true streaming experience without you having to worry about writing non blocking code.


Installing gnip-stream is easy. Simply add the following line to your

gem 'gnip-stream', :git => ""

Simple Usage

require 'gnip-stream'

#To connect to the special twitter powertrack api
twitter_stream ="", "someuser", "password")
twitter_stream.consume do |message|
  #process the message however you want
  puts message

#To Connect to the Facebook API
facebook_stream ="", "someuser", "password")
facebook_stream.consume do |message|
  puts message



MIT. See LICENSE file for more details.

Special thanks to Sharethrough

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