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R Weekly

R weekly provides weekly updates from the R community. You are welcome to contribute as long as you follow our code of conduct and our contributing guide.

How to contribute by using this repo

Update the draft post, and create a pull request.

Please respect the categories indicated in the contributing guide. The contributing guide also explains how to add images if necessary and when the weekly newsletter is frozen.

How to contribute without using Github

Submit your links or feeds for R Weekly posts and podcasts via going to

Note: Please💡 Use W3C Feed Validation Service to checks the syntax of Atom or RSS feeds.


Talk with us!

Have a question or great idea about this website?

Talk with us on Twitter or Google Groups or via opening an issue.

Join us!

Are you passionate about sharing content from the R community? After creating at least 10 pull requests, fill this form to join our team!

Each weekly contains at most 3 highlight posts. When there are special events, eg. UseR!, we can have more highlight posts. Members of the R Weekly will vote for at most three posts on the R Weekly Slack channel every Saturday. If you do not want to recommend any post, you can skip the vote. There is a handy shiny widget rweekly/rweekly-highlights to generate poll for Slack.

A member will receive a notice about his/her inactive status for two months in the organization. A member will leave R Weekly organization if the inactive status passes 75 days.

Some admin details




Thanks for reading!