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My AP Computer Science final project

It's a platformer. Mario clone. Except that it has a level editor where you can save and load levels. I had a version that also had networking but it's on one of my old hard drives somewhere and I'm too lazy to find it. Also, the initial commit is the only commit I have, as when I made this I didn't know what version control was. Sorry.

More details can be found in PRESENTATION.ppt.

To play

cd src/
javac *.java
java Wuigi

Known issues

  • There's a warning when compiling in GameScreen.
  • The file loader sometimes freezes when entering directories with certain types of files in them (I think it was that they had a space or something, but it's been years since I've touched this, so I forgot. It's pretty easy to fix).
  • I had no concept of data structures or proper game programming when I made this, so it tends to get kind of choppy when more objects are added to the world.
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