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  • gradle 0.9-rc3
  • curl
  • hadoop (make sure you adjusted the maxFiles limit!!)

Build Manager

The build manager of the thesis is gradle 0.9-rc3: http:// To start using this project download and install it. Under mac, its just:

brew install --HEAD gradle

IDE Setup

If you are using eclipse, clone the project in your workspace, prepare eclipse:

git clone
gradle eclipse

Then just import it as an existing project into eclipse.

For highlighting the .gradle build file, install the groovy Eclipse plugin( The update-url is Then add .gradle with Groovy Editor to Preferences => General => Editors => File Associations


First generate the jar with

gradle jar

Put the test-file in hadoop

hadoop fs -put test.csv /test.csv

Now you can run it with

hadoop jar build/libs/*.jar /test.csv


Run all unit-tests

gradle test