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(c) Rob Westgeest - Westgeest-Consultancy 
yarb - yet another ruby backup system. 

This software comes with absolutely no warranty. 
I can be used at your own risk. While this software is tested extensively and comes with lots of automated tests,
it will probably run under system administration permissions and therefore you should take care on working with this software.
We cannot be held responsible for possible damage on your system.

This software can be used to create backups en use a readable recipe language to configure them.

This software creates a temp directory /tmp/yarb and runs from there.
It creates archives there and when finished moves them to the location specified in the recipe.

Current features:
* execute a backup from a recipe containing multiple archives that share a delivery mechanism (grandfather, father, son) 

* archives can contain files directories and database dumps (currently postgres only)

* delivery is done to the destination specified in the archive 
* delivery runs according to a grandfather, father, son strategy where:
  * when to create a grandfather, father or son can be configured
  * if a grandfather does not exist it will create that one first  or
  * if a father does not exist it will crate that one first 
  * it removes old backups by keeping the 'keep' newest 

see doc/example.recipe for an example backup recipe

use rake to test yarb, rake will run all specs

rake gem builds the gem package.