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This is an implementation of single block AES-128 encryption for PostScript.

It will encrypt a single block (16 bytes) of plaintext using a 128-bit (16 byte)
key, then print a representation of the state for the entire encryption process
to the console.  (This state representation is inspired by Appendix B of FIPS
Publication 197.)


The file must be edited to insert the 16-byte plaintext and
encryption key into the source code.  Additionally, the plaintext and encryption
key must be hexadecimal encoded (32 hexadecimal digits each).

First, determine the hexadecimal encodings of your plaintext and encryption key
with commands such as the following:

% printf 'WE ALL LIVE IN A' | xxd -ps

% printf 'YELLOW SUBMARINE' | xxd -ps

Then use a command such as the following to create from by replacing "PLAINTEXT" and "KEY" in the original file
with the hexadecimal encoded plaintext and encryption key found previously:

% perl -p -e 's/PLAINTEXT/574520414c4c204c49564520494e2041/;' \
	-e 's/KEY/59454c4c4f57205355424d4152494e45/;' \
	< >

Any PostScript Level 2 RIP should be able to execute the PostScript program and
render its output.  Testing was performed using an Apple LaserWriter 12/640 PS
laser printer and on OS X.
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