The SoundCloud Client in React + MobX - Real World
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The SoundCloud Client in React + MobX made with passion!

Uses mobx, mobx-react, normalizr, react, lodash-fp, airbnb-extended eslint, enzyme and the Soundcloud API.



  • login to SoundCloud
  • show your personal stream
  • show favorite tracks, followers and followings
  • inifite scroll + paginated fetching
  • follow people
  • like tracks
  • player play/stop/forward/backward track
  • playlist
  • sort tracks by plays, likes, comments, reposts, downloads
  • filter tracks by duration
  • search tracks by name and artist

Refactored from original version in Redux:

Create your own SoundCloud application:

Feedback is more than appreciated via GitHub, Twitter or my Blog.


  1. Clone Repository: git clone
  2. Exchange CLIENT_ID in ../src/constants/authentification.js with your own from SoundCloud for Developers and use http://localhost:8080/callback as Redirect_URI for your Soundcloud App
  3. npm install
  4. npm start
  5. npm test


I am looking for contributors to make this project awesome! It doesn't matter if you are new to open source, I would welcome it!