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added some commits Aug 7, 2016
@rwieruch refactor(userStore + sessionStore): refactor reducer to store 112acb3
@rwieruch refactor(follow): user store + follow action 2265eb6
@rwieruch refactor(toggleStore): remove reducer e22132e
@rwieruch refactor(sortStore): remove reducer 3567d8f
@rwieruch refactor(requestStore): remove reducer 91a6729
@rwieruch refactor(paginateStore): remove reducer 998b5c7
@rwieruch refactor(filterStore): remove reducer e628161
@rwieruch refactor(playerStore): remove reducer 47a18d2
@rwieruch refactor(commentStore): remove reducer 61354fa
@rwieruch refactor(entityStore): remove reducer f1f6a23
@rwieruch refactor(browseStore): remove reducer b97bb77
@rwieruch refactor(CommentExtension): use observer 80a8498
@rwieruch refactor(FavoritesList): use observer 11b85dd
@rwieruch refactor(FollowersList): use observer 82dee58
@rwieruch refactor(FollowingsList): use observer 02ff95a
@rwieruch refactor(Header): use observer 962f92b
@rwieruch refactor(Player): use observer e704723
@rwieruch refactor(Playlist): use observer 2062350
@rwieruch refactor(StreamActivities): use observer c7deced
@rwieruch refactor(Track): use observer 5f7f1b2
@rwieruch refactor(TrackActions): use observer 479a1b9
@rwieruch refactor(TrackExtension): use observer cf5556d
@rwieruch refactor(User): use observer 5afc570
@rwieruch refactor(stores): remove configureStore 4acbfac
@rwieruch refactor(Browse): use store 8604010
@rwieruch fix(browseStore): when there is no list init 318c1be
@rwieruch wip 09443f7
@rwieruch refactor(Browse): included requestStore, entityStore, browseStore 85159e6
@rwieruch feat(Browse): show list of tracks e15a525
@rwieruch feat(CommentExtension): working properly with store 531fc94
@rwieruch feat(Player): working with stores 27cea48
@rwieruch feat(Paylist): working with stores 421c1fc
@rwieruch feat(player): forward/backward track 9ede478
@rwieruch feat(package.json): remove redux 3263e96
@rwieruch feat(Header): working with stores 97f1596
@rwieruch feat(StreamActivities): with stores f022f69
@rwieruch feat(*): more refactoring 9e90fe1
@rwieruch feat(*): proper injects 215595c
@rwieruch refactor(Track): inject 57f68f1
@rwieruch fix(Playlist): observer 92f39f3
@rwieruch feat(userStore): more actions, useStrict actions 75caee6
@rwieruch feat(browseStore): no need for toJS b073163
@rwieruch fix(UserPreview): update following e301ded
@rwieruch feat(Browse): with Dashboard interactions 70392a0
@rwieruch feat(specs): fix tests 76860d9
@rwieruch test(stores): add store tests 178ae37
@rwieruch feat(sort): add sort by comments/downloads d7d592b
@rwieruch rwieruch merged commit 38f7294 into master Aug 24, 2016
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