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The SoundCloud Client in React + Redux made with passion!



Comprehensive Guide: The SoundCloue Client in React + Redux

Boilerplate Project


  • react
  • react-router
  • redux
  • redux-thunk
  • normalizr
  • lodash-fp
  • airbnb-extended eslint
  • enzyme
  • Soundcloud API.


  • login to SoundCloud
  • show your personal stream
  • show favorite tracks, followers and followings
  • inifite scroll + paginated fetching
  • follow people
  • like tracks
  • player play/stop/forward/backward track
  • playlist
  • sort tracks by plays, likes, comments, reposts, downloads
  • filter tracks by duration
  • search tracks by name and artist


  1. Clone Repository: git clone
  2. npm install
  3. npm start (4. npm test)


I am looking actively for contributors to make this project awesome!

I wouldn't want to extend the project with new routes like: that's my profile page and that's my favorite track page. Rather I see more value in improving the status quo of the app: Improving the player, the playlist or the interaction overall. I would love to see a GitHub issue to see where you want to work on. Moreover I will try to find the time to raise some more issues where people can contribute. At the end it is a perfect project to get started in open source!


Feedback is more than appreciated via GitHub or Twitter