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πŸ’° Minimal Boilerplate for Stripe used in React and Express. Charge payments from your customers with this project.
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Stripe Server Checkout with React and Express

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  • git clone
  • cd react-express-stripe

Important: Setup works only with backend hosted somewhere reachable via an IP or domain. Stripe's Webhooks are not going to work on a localhost backend. The frontend application can run locally though.

Stripe Registration and API Keys

  • Register at Stripe and Setup a Payment Account to access the Dashboard
  • Find your API Keys:
  • Replace frontend
  • Replace backend




When using it in production, you have to use a real credit card. Otherwise, in development mode, you can use a Stripe's test credit cards:

  • Email: Any Email
  • Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • Date: Any Date in the Future
  • CVC: Any 3 Numbers
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