🚀A React + Apollo + GraphQL GitHub Client. Your opportunity to learn about these technologies in a real world application.
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A React + Apollo + GraphQL GitHub Client

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  • React 16 with create-react-app
  • Responsive
  • React Router 4
  • Apollo with GitHub GraphQL API
    • Queries and Mutations with render props
    • Optimistic Updates
    • Pagination
    • Optimistic Fetch (e.g. Issues)
      • not everywhere for the purpose of demonstrating though


  • git clone git@github.com:rwieruch/react-graphql-github-apollo.git
  • cd react-graphql-github-apollo
  • add your own GitHub personal access token in a .env file in your root folder
    • scopes/permissions you need to check: admin:org, repo, user, notifications
  • npm install
  • npm start
  • visit http://localhost:3000


Want to learn more about React + GraphQL + Apollo?