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Nik Graf nikgraf

Passionate about Software Architecture, UX, Skiing & Triathlons

Serverless Vienna / San Francisco

Leticia Portella leportella

oceanographer, python developer, curious, pizza lover and definitely a book addict

Crave Food Services

Sean Anderson MeoMix

Streamus San Luis Obispo, CA

Kitze kitze

JS, React, MobX, CSS-in-JS

StarterSquad Netherlands

Nick Parsons nparsons08

Node.js Developer & Evangelist @ Co-Founder at Coder by day & entrepreneur by night. Lover of all things outdoors.

@GetStream @Surrrge Boulder, Colorado

Jack Hsu jaysoo

A dabbler in the functional arts. Does the occasional javascripts. 🐰

Pressly Toronto

Eric Douglas ericdouglas

Open Source lover ❀

@one-market Brazil

Jay Phelps jayphelps

JavaScript at @Netflix Bay Area, CA

André Staltz staltz

Reactive programming expert, JavaScript functional programmer at @futurice, addict, creator.

Futurice Helsinki, Finland

Ben Lesh blesh

Netflix Los Gatos, CA

Lee Byron leebyron

I make things at @facebook

@facebook San Francisco

Leonard Souza jslauthor

A creative who codes. A coder who creates. A writer. I am a life-long learner obsessed with the sublime space where design, technology and narrative intersect.

boy meets universe United States

Dan Abramov gaearon

Co-authored Redux, Create React App, React Hot Loader, React DnD. Helping improve @reactjs.

@facebook London, UK

Andrew Clark acdlite

Front-end engineer at Facebook. Co-creator of Redux. Creator of Recompose. Hi!

Facebook Redwood City, CA

Monica Lent mlent

@sumup Berlin, Germany

Robert Lech rlech

I like to code ;)