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(require 'trivial-ldap)
; see for some
; openldap quickstart documentation.
;; create a new ldap object. the port number is the default 389 here.
(defparameter l
(ldap:new-ldap :host "redbaron.local"
:user "cn=directory manager, dc=example, dc=com"
:sslflag t
:debug t
:pass "secret"
:base "dc=example,dc=com"
:reuse-connection 'ldap:rebind))
;; create some entry objects.
(defparameter entry-one
(ldap:new-entry "dc=example,dc=com"
:attrs '((objectclass . (dcobject organization))
(o . "example organization"))))
(defparameter entry-two
(ldap:new-entry "cn=manager,dc=example,dc=com"
:attrs '((objectclass . organizationalrole))))
(defparameter entry-three
(ldap:new-entry "cn=test user,dc=example,dc=com"
:attrs '((objectclass . organizationalrole))))
(defparameter entry-four
(ldap:new-entry "cn=quuxor,dc=example,dc=com"
:attrs '((objectclass . (organizationalrole))
(description . "another test entry")
(l . ("Boston" "Cambridge" "Jamaica Plain"))
(st . "Massachusetts")
(postalcode . "02115")
(street . "Commonwealth Avenue"))))
; a printed representation:
(format t "~A" (ldap:ldif entry-four))
; turn on debugging.
(setf (ldap:debugflag l) t)
; bind to the server.
(when (ldap:bind l)
(write-line "bound to ldap."))
; turn off debugging.
(setf (ldap:debugflag l) nil)
; add a couple entries.
(ldap:add entry-one l)
; or use the lower-level add specified on ldap first:
(multiple-value-bind (res code msg) (ldap:add l entry-two)
(format t "res: ~A~%code: ~A~%msg: ~A" res code msg))
; search (and print results in ldif)
(ldap:ldif-search l "(cn=*)")
; add another entry.
(ldap:add entry-three l)
; search for that.
(if (ldap:search l (ldap:rdn entry-three))
(describe (ldap:next-search-result l))
(format t "Search Failed."))
; delete an entry.
(ldap:delete entry-three l)
; ldap:search will return nil.
(ldap:search l (ldap:rdn entry-three))
; a fourth entry.
(ldap:add entry-four l)
; this should be true.
(ldap:compare entry-four l 'st "Massachusetts")
; as should this, because the st attribute
; compares case insensitively.
(ldap:compare entry-four l 'st 'massachusetts)
; this is false, so it returns nil.
(ldap:compare entry-four l 'st 'foobarbaz)
; compare (and delete) take strings as well as entry objects.
(ldap:compare (ldap:dn entry-four) l 'l 'boston)
(ldap:delete (ldap:dn entry-four) l)
; put entry four back:
(ldap:add entry-four l)
(ldap:attr-value entry-four 'st)
(ldap:attr-list entry-four)
(ldap:attrs entry-four)
(ldap:modify entry-four l '((ldap:delete l "Boston")
(ldap:replace st "Vermont")
(ldap:add st "New Hampshire")
(ldap:add street ("Massachusetts Avenue"
"Newbury Street"
"Boylston Street"))))
(format t "~A~%" (ldap:ldif entry-four))
(ldap:moddn entry-four l "cn=buzzer")
; simple ldap filters work more or less as expected. extended filters
; however have not been implemented yet.
(ldap:search l "(cn=buzz*)")
(ldap:search l "(| (cn=baz*) (cn=*ager))")
; the outside parens are optional:
(ldap:search l "| (cn=baz*) (cn=*ager)")
; clean up. with one ldap object fetching the results of the search,
; a second LDAP object is required for the delete.
(defparameter j (ldap:new-ldap :host "great-pumpkin.local"
:base "dc=example,dc=com"))
; (ldap:dosearch (ent (ldap:search j "cn=*"))
; (ldap:delete ent l))
; (ldap:delete entry-one l)