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Add description of restarts supplied by Elias Mårtenson.

Replace tabs with spaces, as they break the formatting of examples.
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rwiker committed Jan 21, 2013
1 parent 73f4d3b commit 80f4d219205e259f3ec540e983e8c36a76c4c187
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@@ -61,6 +61,12 @@ and
(setf (ldap:attribute-binary-p <attribute-name>) <generalized-boolean>)
+Note: Elias Mårtenson has supplied some handy restarts that can be
+used when it turns out that an attribute cannot be converted to UTF-8
+(which, in turn, probably means that it should be treated as
+binary). See handle-as-binary and handle-as-binary-and-add-known in
+trivial-ldap.lisp .
List Equivalents
@@ -88,7 +94,7 @@ strings. This has two advantages:
(ldap:search *ldap* '(and (= objectclass person) (= cname "rayw")))
(let ((name "rayw"))
- (ldap:search *ldap* `(and (= objectclass person) (= cname ,name))))
+ (ldap:search *ldap* `(and (= objectclass person) (= cname ,name))))
Paging Through Results

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