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@@ -47,3 +47,20 @@ Installation
1. Add me to your Gemfile
2. In your `config/application.rb`, add an autoload path for `app/presenters/`
3. Create presenters for your classes. For example: `app/presenters/todo_presenter.rb`. These classes should subclass `DelegatePresenter::Base`
Credit where Credit Is Due
Most of this gem was inspired by (and the initial structure stolen from), [Avdi Grimm]('s blog posts on [Demeter]( and [Nil objects and Falsiness]( While these articles talk about other things, they give part of a very simple Presenter strategy.
The simplest presenter strategy that could possibly work.
I've used this pattern on several projects, and it works **very well**. Starting yet another project where I wanted to use Presenters, I thought I'd wrap it up into a gem... plus some tricks I've learned along the way.
But what about....
I know there are a few other presenter frameworks out there for Rails. One hasn't seen any activity since 2008, and one is [Draper](
I'm not a big fan of Draper's API, and it seemed too heavy to me. If Draper's your style, that's great: different strokes for different folks.

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