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My Need

I'm on a web project where we have a lot of Javascript+jQuery, and I enjoy using Firebug to debug or interactively test out that JavaScript.

The JavaScript uses jQuery heavily. Most of the time I can grab the ID of the element I want to interact with, do $('#id) in Firebug's console, and I'm happy.

Sometimes I can't get the ID of the element. Maybe it doesn't have a name, just a CSS class... but I want to talk to that item specifically.

I know what element I want - look, I'm pointing at it with Firebug's Inspection tool.

Firebug has a "Copy XPath" feature in it, which would give me exactly what I want...

Except it's an XPath expression, and I can't feed that into jQuery post 1.2

To sum it up in a user story:

User Story

"As a user I should be able to easily use Firebug and get the jQuery object of (an item I can select) so I can test some jQuery code interactively"


I found jQuery-xpath, and thought about incorporating it into my current project. That has two issues:

  • I should only use this in development mode, not in anything else
  • I hate to clog up the project with tools only I will use

I checked with my coworkers, and found there was no real excitement over this tool in the project. Yes, this is sad.

So I went and built a bookmarklet

Visit the bookmarklet's page and install it. When you need a jQuery object from an XPath expression, click the bookmarklet. Now you have jquery-xpath loaded into your page (just like the jQuery-ify Bookmarklet).

Now you can:


And you're done.