PyMethodMatch is a simple way to call methods by associating them with a regular expression and calling the method if an input string matches
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To the Readme for PyMethodMatch

This software was written by Ryan Wilcox, of Wilcox Development Solutions. This document is formatted with Markdown syntax, a markup syntax that's easy to read, even if you just open the text file in an editor.

PyMethodMatch's Purpose In Life

PyMethodMatch is a library for parsing very high level (and ideally very Human Language like) commands.

There's two ways to look at PyMethodMatch:

  1. From the end user's perspective: your app takes very simple phrases that will run things
  2. From the programmer's perspective: you set up regex keys and values. If the phrase coming in matches one of the regex, that function will be executed.

This is great for creating Very High Level (Non-Turing Compliant) Domain Specific Languages, or sets of instructions that must be readable by non-technical people but that, underneath, do complex things


PyMethodMatch is inspired by the language in Ruby On Rails' Cucumber tool.

An example of that is:

Given a logged in, registered user And I have a blog post that I can edit Then I should see "Edit"

In Cucumber these phrases are matched to blocks of code, and these code blocks executed as the parser reads the file.

PyMatcher API

First, create a new Matcher object:

from PyMethodMatch.method_matcher import Matcher matcher = Matcher()

Define a function to be called and match it up with a regular expression with a register() call

def call_me(matchObj): print "hello world" matcher.register("I am the regular expression to match to this function", call_me)

When you are ready to (potentially) call one of your functions, call

matcher.execute("I am the regular expression to match to this function")

The result of the function will be returned to you.