How do you test that your container might be valid? STAY A WHILE, AND LISTEN
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The Question:

How do we test containers to make sure they are somewhat valid before we launch them towards a deployment environment?

The Answer:

Some clever hacking with Conu!!!

In this repo are two somewhat seperate behaviors we can execute with Conu:

  • "As a Docker pipeline that builds base images I want to know that the binaries I think are installed in the image really are" <-- see test_created_container/ for this
  • "As a Docker pipeline that builds services, I want to know that the developers have created a service that maybe launches, given whatever dependancies they know they need" <-- see test_docker_compose_service/ for this

These prototype examples shouldn't be too hard to scale up into real code (they do hardcode some values like the container name, but that hardcoding is isolated somewhat...)