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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# given a (not running) container you have built, launch it and execute a command
# HERE we want to test that our docker building process has correctly installed the required binary
# SO just run which, which (hah!) works well enough for our purposes here
# Where is this useful? Potentially in a pipeline that builds base images,
# to make sure that your base images really do include the JRE, or ruby, or whatever it is.
# We use conu to reach inside the container and do this testing!
# Good references:
# *
# *
from conu import DockerBackend, DockerRunBuilder
from conu.helpers import get_container_output
def execute_container_testing_cmd():
with DockerBackend() as backed:
image = backed.ImageClass("nginix_rpw", "1.0.0")
cmd = DockerRunBuilder(command = ["which", "nginx"])
our_container = image.run_via_binary(cmd)
assert our_container.exit_code() == 0, "command not found"
print( "******* ngnix was installed in container *******************8" )
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