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A Turbogears 2.1 app to play around with bootstrap data and show a few common(?) sample data use cases
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This Turbogears app shows how to use websetup/ to
add bootstrap data to your application, and presents a better way than
the built-in Turbogears way to do this. See tg21_sample_data/websetup/ for more details on that.

If you browse this repository by looking at the diffs, or by following along, time traveling to
each commit, you'll see the evolutions from the out-of-the-box TG way to a more complicated (but more robust) way

Suggested commands to time travel to view the state of the repo in each commit:

    $ git checkout SHA-1  # <-- time travel to this commit
    $ git show --pretty="format:" --name-only SHA-1   #< -- will show you all files changed in this commit, so you can investigate yourself
    $ git whatchanged -p SHA-1 # <-- easy acess to the diff for this commit

This example uses sqlalchemy-migrate to migrate the database too.

Meant to be ran inside a virtualenv. Set it up like:

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages -p python2.6 tg2env
$ cd tg2env/
$ source bin/activate
$ easy_install -i tg.devtools
$ git clone git://
$ cd turbogears2_boostrap_data
$ python develop
$ paster setup-app development.ini

Standard Information Below

Installation and Setup

Install ``tg21-sample-data`` using the script::

    $ cd tg21-sample-data
    $ python install

Create the project database for any model classes defined::

    $ paster setup-app development.ini

Start the paste http server::

    $ paster serve development.ini

While developing you may want the server to reload after changes in package files (or its dependencies) are saved. This can be achieved easily by adding the --reload option::

    $ paster serve --reload development.ini

Then you are ready to go.
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