A Vagrant file that pulls up a base box for me, with tools I use no matter what
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Why Me?

Provides a template Vagrant project that will boot up a good working Vagrant box, with good defaults that you can also customize. The goal here is minimal turst: take a known good base box and provision it into usefulness.

Convention over configuration

This Vagrant file and setup assumes a number of things:

  1. You want a 64bit VM
  2. You want to use Puppet (4.3)
  3. You want to keep all your Puppet stuff in one folder

What this base box pulls in

  1. Git
  2. Mercurial
  3. GNU Screen
  4. Postgresql
  5. SQLite
  6. ruby-build with chruby

Puppet Modules Pulled in by vagrant provision

Vagrant's provisioning tools pulls in most various Puppet modules used by the manifest. Here's a list:

  1. NodeJS Puppet Module
  2. Puppet standard library
  3. Puppet APT library
  4. Puppet Module for RVM
  5. Puppet module for RubyBuild

You'll need to run make modules_folder to download the rest (modules that aren't published to Puppet Forge or the published versions are out of date)

  1. Mini-Postgres Puppet Module

Steps to fire up a new VM

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Edit port forwarding, shared folders in Vagrantfile
  3. Change puppet.facter lines in Vagrantfile as appropriate
  4. Edit manifests/lucid32.pp to include any project specific Puppet declarations you need
  5. make modules_folder
  6. vagrant up

To use this box as a basebox for other VMs

  1. vagrant package
  2. vagrant box add NAME package.box

What To Do with A New VM

  1. Write down port numbers on host machine that map
  2. Tell user to change password
  3. All project work should happen in /projects (TODO: symlink ~/projects to this?)
  4. Change your mysql root password


  • Use Puppetfile to manage dependancies, have VM shell provisioner fire off puppet-librarian to d/l them all?
  • Move to Ubuntu 12 LTS, not Ubuntu 10 Lucid LTS
  • simple postgress doesn't work under Ubuntu 12. Fix or replace.
  • Fix VagrantFile to use new v2 DSL