Spring Security SecureMail Sample Application
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Running SecureMail with Gradle

  1. Ensure you have java installed
  2. cd spring-security-samples-securemail
  3. Start the application with ./gradlew jettyRun or .\gradlew.bat jettyRun

Browse to http://localhost:8080/mail/

Login with rob@example.org / penguin or luke@example.com / lion

Running SecureMail in Spring Tool Suite

  1. Download STS http://www.springsource.com/downloads/sts I use 2.8.1.RELEASE
  2. Navigate to the Dashboard -> Extensions tab and install the following plugins:
    • Gradle Support
    • Groovy Eclipse
    • Scala IDE for Eclipse
  3. Import the Project with Gradle Eclipse plugin.
    • File-> Import... -> Gradle Project
    • Next >
    • Build Model
    • Ensure the project is selected and click Finish.
  4. Right click the project and click Run As -> Run on Server