GeSHi support for Arduino with doc links.
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GeSHi Arduino Filter

Nigel McNie was kind enough to bring C syntax highlighting to GeSHi... but Arduino sketches aren't exactly C. Trimbitas Sorin-Iulian adapted the original C language data for Arduino... but there are a few things missing IMO. Here's what I'm doing...

  • update language data for Due, Uno, etc.
  • support documentation web-links (to reference)
  • implement a redirect system for complex web links
  • expand web-links to first, second, and fourth tier (structure, variables, and keywords)
  • add 'drop-in' to extend web-links to included libraries

Syntax highlighting is good - but a self-guided tour through source sounds even more delicious!


You should already have a GeSHi install somewhere... right? Drop arduino.php and redirect.php into your GeSHi /geshi folder... and sample.ino and test_arduino.php one directory above. FIRE IT UP!

RELEASE 0.0.1 2012/12/19

Functions are covered with Due/Uno support; is giving this a whirl. First-cut of redirect implemented and working nicely.