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Simple wrapper for pretender.js, this project removes the need for the developer to know which files need to be imported.

NOTE: Please use pretender directly instead. Use ember-auto-import to import pretender without the need for ember-cli-pretender to add it via app.imports.


ember install ember-cli-pretender

You can then import Pretender in your tests:

import Pretender from 'pretender';

see: pretenderjs/pretender for pretender docs


By default pretender.enabled will be set to app.tests. This means that pretender will only be available as an import when your app includes your test suite.

If you'd like to include Pretender into production builds as well, you can set pretender.enabled to true in your ember-cli-build.js or Brocfile.js:

var app = new EmberApp({
  pretender: {
    enabled: true

You can also opt out of including the fetch polyfill, if you do not need to run your tests in older browsers:

var app = new EmberApp({
  pretender: {
    includeFetchPolyfill: false

Nested Addon Usage Caveat

To publish an addon that exports functionality driven by ember-cli-pretender, note that ember-cli-pretender must be listed in the dependencies for NPM and not the devDependencies.