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Release 0.9.0

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1 parent 32960d1 commit c4b0b04be0e4829ad4e9a7fcc64407bff5f7b498 @geemus geemus committed Jun 24, 2011
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187 changelog.txt
@@ -1,3 +1,190 @@
+0.9.0 06/24/2011 32960d165a65f12d41785f924e6b6b6d8442516a
+MVP! Lincoln Stoll
+ use AWS.escape instead of CGI.escape. thanks geemus
+ Use #public_ip_address instead of deprecated #ip_address in Server#setup. thanks Martin Emde
+ mock: make address detach others before associating. thanks geemus
+ Fix failing created_at test caused by Ruby 1.9 changes to Range#include?. Use simpler test that doesn't care about the exact created_at time. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Update ELB API to version 2011-04-05. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Fix typo in usage documentation and add 'ap-northeast-1' to regions list. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Rearrange DescribeLoadBalancersResult contents to alphabetical order to match the official AWS docs and make it easier to update the list. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Add new attributes for 2011-04-05 API. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Add parameter group tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Add server model & collection tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Add security_groups collection and model tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Server#destroy argument is optional. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Refactor RDS model & collection tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ recognize :region option in thanks Nick Osborn
+ Add get/put bucket policy support. thanks Michael Linderman
+ Add options argument to delete_object to set headers. thanks Michael Linderman
+ Add delete bucket policy. thanks Michael Linderman
+ discern between no file and no directory for files.get. thanks geemus
+ fix error type for non-directories in files.get. thanks geemus
+ Added missing Image#compatibility_mode attribute. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Fixed Format of Account representation. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Fixed Format of nested CloudIP's server attribute. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ New account limits exposed in API, updating format test. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ ApiClient revoked time exposed in API. Updated format test. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ refactor provider/service namespacing. thanks geemus
+ fix top level class/module mismatch. thanks geemus
+ first pass at examples. thanks geemus
+ refactor provider/service namespacing. thanks geemus
+ fixes/skips to get examples working. thanks geemus
+ fix helpers to use Fog::AWS. thanks geemus
+ simplify describe_instances parser. thanks geemus
+ fix deprecated compute service accessor usage. thanks geemus
+ improve consistency of waiting for ssh to be ready. thanks geemus
+ remove debug output from last commit. thanks geemus
+ fix format and template id in tests. thanks geemus
+ Fixed missed lookup in broken tests caused by namespace rename. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ fix namespace leftovers. thanks geemus
+ test cleanup. thanks geemus
+ fix nil check for auth token. thanks geemus
+ fix namespace issue. thanks geemus
+ fix flavor tests to properly skip voxel. thanks geemus
+ fix namespace issue. thanks geemus
+ add namespaced errors for better messaging. thanks geemus
+ making error more idiomatic. thanks geemus
+ fix mock reset to work with new namespaces. thanks geemus
+ rename ip to value for record. thanks geemus
+ refactor provider/service namespacing. thanks geemus
+ skip model/collection tests for now (timing issue). thanks geemus
+ fix deprecated record#ip= usage. thanks geemus
+ fixes for namespacing. thanks geemus
+ namespace related fixes. thanks geemus
+ main index redirects to /latest. thanks geemus
+ fix rdoc link on index. thanks geemus
+ update to match refactorings. thanks geemus
+ fix descriptions. thanks geemus
+ mark format test for stackscripts pending due to inconsistency of string/float for a value. thanks geemus
+ add braces for new into the documents. thanks Chris Mague
+ use correct variable name in test description. thanks Dr Nic Williams
+ Not sure if I'm missing something here, but rake did not work. thanks Dylan Egan
+ You only need either the size or the snapshot_id. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Provide mocked console output if server has been up for over the delay time. thanks Dylan Egan
+ LIES!. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Add support for specifying a CDN CNAME when getting a Rackspace Cloud Files directory. thanks H. Wade Minter
+ add missing comma. thanks Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten
+ skip rackspace get_object test when mocking. thanks Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten
+ give a more useful error if someone tries to say connection.directories.create('dir'). thanks Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten
+ Added my blog post. thanks Larry Wright
+ Add recursive argument to server scp methods. Set to false by default. thanks Luke Robins
+ Add an options hash to scp. Set to {} by default. thanks Luke Robins
+ Added new DNS provider => DNS Made Easy. thanks Luqman Amjad
+ Removed sandbox url for DNS Made Easy. thanks Luqman Amjad
+ Added missing method "delete all domains". thanks Luqman Amjad
+ (DNSMadeEasy) added support for updating records via PUT. thanks Luqman Amjad
+ Added missing reference to delete_all_domains. thanks Luqman Amjad
+ Rescue 404 when fetching zone. thanks Luqman Amjad
+ Added new blog posting about fog and Carrierwave. thanks Mike Gehard
+ Edited docs/about/press.markdown via GitHub. thanks Mike Gehard
+ Typo fix. thanks Oge Nnadi
+ Fixed Fog::AWS::SimpleDB#delete_attributes. thanks Pan Thomakos
+ add Net::SCP options parameter to Fog::SCP proxy. thanks Phil Cohen
+ use a hash not nil for default scp_options. thanks Phil Cohen
+ rackspace auth url only prepend protocol as needed. thanks Todd Willey
+ Allow auth tokens to be shared among connections to rackspace api. thanks Todd Willey
+ OpenStack responds 200 when creating servers. thanks Todd Willey
+ added 0.8.2 changelog contents. thanks geemus
+ separate and rdoc tasks. thanks geemus
+ remove provider attribute from shared services. thanks geemus
+ [storage][aws] fix leftover namespace mismatch. thanks geemus
+ [storage][google] fix leftover namespace mismatch. thanks geemus
+ Edited lib/fog/storage/rackspace.rb via GitHub. thanks kbockmanrs
+ Boilerplate for ninefold. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Ninefold List Functionality. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ VM Operations + dependencies. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Fix data formats for virtual machines. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ IP Address requests. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Refactor out job waiting functionality, test correct data. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ NAT functionality. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Core model functionality. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Public IPs and Rules. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ use lowest network ID as default, correct assignment. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ No mocks, simplify code. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Save operations not supported. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ add examples back into default rake task. thanks geemus
+ update changelog during release process. thanks geemus
+ refactor provider/service namespacing. thanks geemus
+ more robust query handling for signed url. thanks geemus
+ make url a bit more robust. thanks geemus
+ fix url to check for query. thanks geemus
+ fix whitespace errors. thanks geemus
+ more precise mocked get_object. thanks geemus
+ fix files#get_url. thanks geemus
+ add dnsmadeeasy and ninefold to mock credentials. thanks geemus
+ nuke rake task for test related cleanup. thanks geemus
+ make collection gsub to find nils a bit more resilient/unique. thanks geemus
+ trying again to make collection gsub to get nils more resilient/unique. thanks geemus
0.8.2 05/26/2011 9e6ebb6f7316273eb489f8cb60eb1642e6df357b
4 fog.gemspec
@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ do |s|
## If your rubyforge_project name is different, then edit it and comment out
## the sub! line in the Rakefile = 'fog'
- s.version = '0.8.2'
- = '2011-05-26'
+ s.version = '0.9.0'
+ = '2011-06-24'
s.rubyforge_project = 'fog'
## Make sure your summary is short. The description may be as long
2 lib/fog.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
module Fog
unless const_defined?(:VERSION)
- VERSION = '0.8.2'
+ VERSION = '0.9.0'

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