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Welcome to Pivot.js

Pivot.js is a simple way for you to get to your data. It allows for the creation of highly customizable unique table views from your browser.

In data processing, a pivot table is a data summarization tool found in data visualization programs such as spreadsheets or business intelligence software. Among other functions, pivot-table tools can automatically sort, count, total or give the average of the data stored in one table or spreadsheet. It displays the results in a second table (called a "pivot table") showing the summarized data.

In our case, results (or the pivot-table) will be displayed as an HTML table pivoting from the input data (CSV or JSON). Without further ado let's get to usage.

View an example or view the Docs for more information.


Step one is to initialize the pivot object. It expects the following attributes:

  • csv - which should contain a valid string of comma separated values. It is important to note that you must include a header row in the CSV for pivot to work properly (you'll understand why in a minute).
  • json - which should contain a valid JSON string. At this time this string must be an array of arrays, and not an array of objects (storing the field names with each row consumes significantly more space).
  • fields - which should be an array of objects. This is used to instruct pivot on how to interact with the fields you pass in. It keys off of the header row names. And is formated like so:
 [ {name: 'header-name', type: 'string', optional_attributes: 'optional field' },
 {name: 'header-name', type: 'string', optional_attributes: 'optional field' }]

(See more about fields in Section below)

  • filters (default is empty) - which should contain any filters you would like to restrict your data to. A filter is defined as an object like so:
{zip_code: '34471'}

Those are the options that you should consider. There are other options that are well covered in the spec.

A valid pivot could then be set up from like so.

var field_definitions = [{name: 'last_name',   type: 'string',   filterable: true},
        {name: 'first_name',        type: 'string',   filterable: true},
        {name: 'zip_code',          type: 'integer',  filterable: true},
        {name: 'pseudo_zip',        type: 'integer',  filterable: true },
        {name: 'billed_amount',     type: 'float',    rowLabelable: false},
        {name: 'last_billed_date',  type: 'date',     filterable: true}]

// from csv data:
var csv_string  =  "last_name,first_name,zip_code,billed_amount,last_billed_date\n" +
                   "Jackson,Robert,34471,100.00,\"Tue, 24 Jan 2012 00:00:00 +0000\"\n" +
                   "Jackson,Jonathan,39401,124.63,\"Fri, 17 Feb 2012 00:00:00 +0000\""

pivot.init({csv: csv_string, fields: field_definitions});

// from json data:
var json_string = '[["last_name","first_name","zip_code","billed_amount","last_billed_date"],' +
                    ' ["Jackson", "Robert", 34471, 100.00, "Tue, 24 Jan 2012 00:00:00 +0000"],' +
                    ' ["Smith", "Jon", 34471, 173.20, "Mon, 13 Feb 2012 00:00:00 +0000"]]'

pivot.init({json: json_string, fields: field_definitions});




Pivot.js is the work of Robert Jackson and Jonathan Jackson.


This software is licensed under a modified BSD license.

See LICENSE for more details.