Access the Linode API via bash using curl, flattr me!
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This is no longer maintained

Where to find a list of commands

You can find an up to date list of all Linode API commands at

Using the program

Run linode_bash_api -h for help it will output the following:

Linode Bash API 20110619
-h      Help
-v      Verbose
-F arg     Response format, default json, options wddx or human
-k arg      API Key to use
-f arg      File to get API key from, key must be the only string on the first line
-c arg      The command to run, for a list of commands see
-d arg      A quote string containing the data to send in "foo=bar&foo2=bar2" format
-i arg      Get data from file if  - is used get data from stdin

If -k or -f are ommited or don't provide an API key then the following loctions are checked:


Detiails of commands you can run can be found at


Modify a disk of a specific linode

List your linodes using

./linode_bash_api -c linode.list

Get the linode ID from the returned results and run

./linode_bash_api -c linode.disk.list -d "linodeid=<id from first step>"

Get the the disk ID from the returned results and run

./linode_bash_api -c linode.disk.update -d "linodeid=<id from second step>&diskid=<id from second step>&label=Label&isreadonly=1" This will set the disk label to "Label" and make the disk read only.


To contirbute to this program please feel free to fork it and submit a pull request or raise an issue. If you feel generous and would like to donate to the project you can send money via paypal to admin {at} rwky {dot} net or flattr me at