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Fixing space in "Cuts and Jumpers" package name, as reported by Stefa…

…n in Issue #6.
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1 parent b66eb46 commit aca6a35ebbddb50e3c972682257e147a4e4bffb5 @rwl committed Aug 25, 2011
0 CIM15/IEC61970/Cuts and jumpers/ → CIM15/IEC61970/CutsJumpers/
File renamed without changes.
0 CIM15/IEC61970/Cuts and jumpers/ → CIM15/IEC61970/CutsJumpers/
File renamed without changes.
8 CIM15/IEC61970/Cuts and jumpers/ → CIM15/IEC61970/CutsJumpers/
@@ -19,9 +19,9 @@
-from CIM15.IEC61970.Cuts and jumpers.Cut import Cut
-from CIM15.IEC61970.Cuts and jumpers.Clamp import Clamp
+from CIM15.IEC61970.CutsJumpers.Cut import Cut
+from CIM15.IEC61970.CutsJumpers.Clamp import Clamp
-nsURI = " and jumpers"
-nsPrefix = "cimCuts and jumpers"
+nsURI = ""
+nsPrefix = "cimCutsJumpers"
4 CIM15/
@@ -508,8 +508,8 @@
"OutageSchedule": "CIM15.IEC61970.Outage",
"ClearanceTagType": "CIM15.IEC61970.Outage",
"ClearanceTag": "CIM15.IEC61970.Outage",
- "Cut": "CIM15.IEC61970.Cuts and jumpers",
- "Clamp": "CIM15.IEC61970.Cuts and jumpers",
+ "Cut": "CIM15.IEC61970.CutsJumpers",
+ "Clamp": "CIM15.IEC61970.CutsJumpers",
"RecloseSequence": "CIM15.IEC61970.Protection",
"SynchrocheckRelay": "CIM15.IEC61970.Protection",
"CurrentRelay": "CIM15.IEC61970.Protection",
8 Model/CIM15/CIM15.ecore
@@ -15030,7 +15030,7 @@
<eStructuralFeatures xsi:type="ecore:EReference" name="Cut" upperBound="-1"
- eType="#//IEC61970/Cuts%20and%20jumpers/Cut" eOpposite="#//IEC61970/Cuts%20and%20jumpers/Cut/ACLineSegment"/>
+ eType="#//IEC61970/CutsJumpers/Cut" eOpposite="#//IEC61970/CutsJumpers/Cut/ACLineSegment"/>
<eStructuralFeatures xsi:type="ecore:EReference" name="PhaseImpedance" eType="#//IEC61970/Wires/PerLengthPhaseImpedance"
<eAnnotations source="">
@@ -15041,7 +15041,7 @@
<eStructuralFeatures xsi:type="ecore:EReference" name="Clamp" upperBound="-1"
- eType="#//IEC61970/Cuts%20and%20jumpers/Clamp" eOpposite="#//IEC61970/Cuts%20and%20jumpers/Clamp/ACLineSegment"/>
+ eType="#//IEC61970/CutsJumpers/Clamp" eOpposite="#//IEC61970/CutsJumpers/Clamp/ACLineSegment"/>
<eStructuralFeatures xsi:type="ecore:EAttribute" name="x0" eType="#//IEC61970/Domain/Reactance"
<eAnnotations source="">
@@ -22924,8 +22924,8 @@
- <eSubpackages name="Cuts and jumpers" nsURI=" and jumpers"
- nsPrefix="cimCuts and jumpers">
+ <eSubpackages name="CutsJumpers" nsURI=""
+ nsPrefix="cimCutsJumpers">
<eClassifiers xsi:type="ecore:EClass" name="Cut" eSuperTypes="#//IEC61970/Wires/Switch">
<eAnnotations source="">
<details key="Documentation" value="A Cut separates a line segment into two parts. The Cut appears as a Switch inserted between these two parts and connects them together. As the Cut is normally &amp;ldquo;open&amp;rdquo; there is no galvanic connection between the two line segment parts. But it is possible to &quot;close&quot; the Cut to get galvanic connection.&#xA;The Cut Terminals are oriented towards the line segment Terminals with the same sequenceNumber. Hence the Cut Terminal with sequenceNumber=1 is oriented to the line segment with Terminal.sequenceNumber=1.&#xA;The Cut Terminals also act as connection points for jumpers and other equipment, e.g. a mobile generator. To enable this ConnectivityNoces are placed at the Cut Terminals. Once the ConnectivityNodes are in place any ConductingEquipment can be connected at them."/>

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