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We've got a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. Exact details for each workshop will vary, but below are the key goals for each of the two days in the workshop. A more detailed view of the day will be shared close to the class date.

Day One: Laying the Groundwork

  • REST, Microservices, and the WWW
    • Similarities, Differences, and why that matters
  • Microservice Design Patterns
    • Using the Sketch, Prototype, and Build model for services
  • Choosing Your Hosting Platform
    • Compare/Contrast Heroku and Azure platforms
  • Building a Stateless Microservice
    • The simplest microservice that will actually work
  • Deployment Strategies
    • Git, scripts, pipelines, containers, and more

Day Two: Building the System

  • Versioning, Interop, and Microservice Modeling
    • Leveraging the Three Pillars of Governance
  • Building a Persistence Microservice
    • The data has to go somewhere
  • A Template for Healthy Microservices
    • Supporting monitoring, status-checks, and more
  • Building an Aggregation Microservice
    • Pulling it all together to get something done
  • A World of Discovery
    • Implementing scalable "find-and-bind" discovery at runtime