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Since the workshop is fast-paced and focused on hands-on assignments, attendees need to some ready and able to work. Below are some prerequisites, references, and reminders to help you prepare for a jam-packed two-days of creating microservice for the World Wide Web.

Come Ready to Work

We will be writing, coding, and collaborating all day. You should come ready to work with a laptop loaded with all the tools that you love to work with. Such as:

  • Fully-charged laptop w/ WiFi connection
  • Your favorite code editing platform
  • Local testing tools
  • Git installed and github account activated
  • A working "pipeline" that fits your favorite deployment environment (Heroku, Google Cloud, Azure, AWS/Lambda, etc.)
  • Pens, pencils, note paper. Anything you need to collaborate "offline" w/ a team
  • Anything else you need to be productive and enjoy the two-day workshop

Your Deployment Environment

All attendees will be expected to code, test, build, and deploy their assignments to the "public cloud." You should have experience doing this before joining the workshop. Two platform/process models will be illustrated throughtout the course: C# on Azure and NodeJS on Heroku. However, you can use any database, libraries/SDKs, etc. The only requirement is that all deployed services be reachable over HTTP from a public URL.

You can find basic introductions to deploying services to the cloud on popular platforms here:

Some Reminders

"You will get wet on this ride!"

This will be a fast-paced, hands-on workshop. Attendees should already be comfortable with writing server-side code, building, and deploying components into production. Everyone should come ready to build real services on day one.

"Everyone is welcome here."

While all the examples will be given in C# and NodeJS, all platforms and languages are welcome. Services will be connected over HTTP so the internal code doesn't matter. Whether you are experienced in C#, Java, NodeJS, PHP, etc. you will be able to fully participate in all the assignments.

"The platform is the World Wide Web."

All the example services will built in NodeJS and deployed using simple github release to the heroku hosted platform. The details of your preferred platform, libraries, and build environment are not important. While there will be in-class support Heroku and Azure platforms attendees can use whatever tools and technologies they are comfortable with. If you can deploy to the WWW, you're a winner.