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Free equivalent of Windows "srvany" program for turning any Windows program or script into a service


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Turn any Windows program or script into a service.

When you need to run some program or batch script as a Windows service, you either have to modify the program so it calls the Windows service APIs (impossible for a batch script), or you use some helper tool like Microsoft "SrvAny" that turns the program/script into a service.

Unfortunately SrvAny is a proprietary program.

This project, rhsrvany, is a lightweight free software equivalent.

More information about rhsrvany

For more information, see:

Please send patches etc to the virt-tools mailing list:

This program was originally written by Yuval Kashtan as part of the Qumranet / RHEV-M / oVirt project, and released as free software by Red Hat.

This program is currently maintained by Richard W.M. Jones.

Note for virt-v2v users

You may have arrived here searching for a particular error message raised by the [virt-v2v]1 tool:

virt-v2v: error: One of rhsrvany.exe or pvvxsvc.exe is missing in /usr/share/virt-tools.

One of them is required in order to install Windows firstboot scripts.

You can get one by building rhsrvany (

Binary releases

This project does not release binary packages directly. Binaries are available on multiple Linux distributions which, normally, also ship virt-v2v.

Please check if your distribution provides such binaries in the form of a package.

It is possible to extract rhsrvany.exe from the distribution packages.

Here is ane example, using Fedora's RPM package. It should work on any system that has the rpm2cpio tool.

  • Get the latest RPM from Fedora of the mingw-srvany package2 (you want the "noarch" one)
  • Extract the files using rpm2cpio (this tool is available on pretty much any distro)

Full example

The following code snippet would make virt-v2v happy on a Debian (or derivative) system:

apt install -y rpm2cpio

wget -nd -O srvany.rpm

rpm2cpio srvany.rpm | cpio -idmv \
  && mkdir /usr/share/virt-tools \
  && mv ./usr/i686-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/bin/*exe /usr/share/virt-tools/

which installs pnp_wait.exe and rhsrvany.exe into /usr/share/virt-tools/





Free equivalent of Windows "srvany" program for turning any Windows program or script into a service








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