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Previously we had a notional version in the configure script ("1.0.0")
but didn't use that.  Fedora used "1.0" for random versions from git.
RHEL used the same as Fedora.  Debian doesn't seem to package this.

Start fresh with version 1.1, and also tag it so that github will
create a tarball.

Fixes: #3

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When you need to run some program or batch script as a Windows
service, you either have to modify the program so it calls the Windows
service APIs (impossible for a batch script), or you use "SrvAny" to
turn the program/script into a service.

Unfortunately SrvAny is a proprietary program.  This is a free
software equivalent.

For more information, see:

Please send patches etc to the virt-tools mailing list:

This program was originally written by Yuval Kashtan as part of the
Qumranet / RHEV-M / oVirt project, and released as free software by
Red Hat.

-- Richard W.M. Jones, 2014-07-08 --


Free equivalent of Windows "srvany" program for turning any Windows program or script into a service




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