The R5 Robot is a low cost Arduino based maker robot.
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R5 Robot

The R5 Robot is a low cost Arduino based maker robot. This libary is required as part of the R5 Robot. This library works with Arduino AVR architecture and has been tested with the Seeeduino Mega. The extras directory contains some parts and wiring information for the robot.

The R5 Robot also requires the Instinct Planner.

For further details including a video of the robot, please see my Web Site.

Rob Wortham - May 2016


1.0.1 - First public upload

1.1.0 - Added support for Voice output and Vocalisation of plan execution. Includes various fixes, new commands and config options. Requires the latest Instinct Planner and Instinct-Server.

1.1.1 - Added conditional compilation to voice output for R5/Buddy the Robot.


The R5 Robot library is Open Source Software distributed under the GNU GPL licence.

Copyright (c) 2015-17 Robert H. Wortham