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squint - Rob Pike's Newsqueak interpreter for Unix
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 * Rob Pike, January 2000
 * Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies.
 * Libraries ported by Sape Mullender.
 * This software is placed in the public domain provided this author notice is retained.

This package builds squint, the Newsqueak interpreter, on Linux.
It should be easy to get to work on other Unix variants.
It has no graphics support, although vestiges exist in the source.
The package also includes a small subset of the Plan 9 C library
because it was easier to include it than to remove squint's
dependency on the installable print format stuff.


Run `make all' in this directory.  Everything should compile
without warnings.


After building, cd squint and try
	squint progs/sieve2
You should see some prime numbers.

Additionally, 'make regress' in the squint directory will run
some tests and check the output.


The man directory contains information about the print library.
The doc directory contains a reference manual and a paper
about implementation, taken from 

	The Implementation of Newsqueak
	    Rob Pike
	    Software - Practice and Experience, Jul 1990
	    Vol 20 #7, pp 649-659

That same issue has a paper by Doug McIlroy that is necessary reading,
but I don't have a .ps version of the paper.
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