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ABANDONED: port of XDrawChem 1.99.* to Qt4, working from code from a previous attempt
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XDrawChem2 is the effort of fully porting XDrawChem-1.99 to the Qt4 platform. XDrawChem-1 was a Qt3 application for drawing 2D chemical structures and reaction diagrams; its development by Bryan Herger ceased in 2005. However, Gerd Fleischer started porting in 2006, up to successful compile under Qt4. Nevertheless, the application is not fully functional at the moment.

As the codebase, though old, is worth keeping and further developing, we will commit ourselves to recreate full functionality, to clean up inconsistencies, and possibly implement new functionality with an eye on ease of usability.

Please see the [Wiki pages on github] ( on what the plan is in detail, and what the progress is. The progress can be followed, of course, by cloning the repo. If you have issues after that, please use the tracker. Ideally, we want to publish the first working version on Sourceforge. It should be a positive surprise for the maintainer.

R.W.S., March 2012

Welcome to XDrawChem! (version 1.9.9)

Mostly written by Bryan Herger, See acknowledgements below for specific contributions.

The XDrawChem web site is Please report bugs and suggest features to me at the e-mail listed above, or using links to the tracker on the project web page.

This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Portions of the source code are copyright by others.
Please see the files COPYRIGHT.txt and GPL.txt included in this package.

NOTE: This is a mostly stable version, but probably still has bugs! See LICENSE.txt for copyright and limitation of liability. Please report bugs to

XDrawChem is a two-dimensional molecule drawing program for Unix operating systems. It is similar in functionality to other molecule drawing programs such as ChemDraw (TM, CambridgeSoft). It can read and write MDL Molfiles and CML files to allow sharing between XDrawChem and other chemistry applications. XDrawChem has been tested on Linux, Sun Solaris and SGI IRIX. XDrawChem was designed with Qt 3.0 or later, available free from XDrawChem also depends on the OpenBabel library,

Please read INSTALL.txt which gives instructions on how to install XDrawChem.

XDrawChem features an online manual. Run the program and press F1 (or select Manual under the Help menu) for instructions.

The HISTORY file lists changes made in each revision.

Please subscribe to the xdrawchem-announce mailing list for information about future releases. Send a blank message to

You should also subscribe to xdrawchem-user, the discussion list for XDrawChem. Send a blank message to

Acknowledgements and many thanks to the following people who have contributed: Thomas LeClerc Masao Kawamura Guy Brand Sven Bornemann Kuznik Nikodem Ralf Ahlbrink Eduardo Sanchez Ronald Bialozyt Egon Willighagen Armando Navarro Bojan Ivancic Brett Saunders Geoffrey Wossum (for autoconf macros, Brian Kelley (for Frowns project, Christian Becke (for pixmaps) Everyone who works on OpenBabel ( Vitaly Lipatov and Roman Borisyuk (for Russian language translation) Daniel Leidert (for German language translation) Thomas Shattuck Gerd Fleischer ...and others not listed yet...

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