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bibl2struct.xsl v. 08-03

Description: the transform differentiates five major cases from the (non)-existence of <title>s of certain level (a,j,m,s). The level in parens, e.g. (a) means 'level a or without/blank level'.

- <bibl> has (a)+m+s titles ==> excerpt from work in series
- <bibl> has   (m)+s titles ==> work in series
- <bibl> has   (a)+j titles ==> journal article
- <bibl> has   (a)+m titles ==> excerpt from monograph
- <bibl> has     (m) titles ==> monograph
  • When an element contains corresp the text is taken from that id.
  • When the document contains a <join result='bibl' />, we build that bibl and process it like the others.


  • <title type='alt'> with <editor role='translator'>
  • assume from existing <author /> that author of ref is author of work?
  • handle <bibl> … <series > … </series > … </bibl>
  • what do we do we with refs without title?
  • what if we have <author><corr> … </corr></author> ?