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Revision history for App-csv2sqlite
0.004 2013-01-26T06:10:30Z
- Add 'encoding' option for specifying the encoding of the csv files.
(This bumps the prereq for DBIx::TableLoader::CSV to 1.102 as it
is merely a shortcut for setting 'file_encoding' in loader_options.)
0.003 2012-12-27T00:34:15Z
- Fix bug in tests causing failures on MSWin32.
0.002 2012-12-22T18:25:19Z
- Add --csv-opt (-o) and --loader-opt (-l) to accept key=value pairs
of options to pass to Text::CSV and DBIx::TableLoader::CSV.
- Bump required version of DBIx::TableLoader::CSV to 1.101
to get bugfix in superclass (DBIx::TableLoader 1.100).
- More tests
0.001 2012-11-25T02:35:08Z
- Initial release