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1 parent c7de9c3 commit a1960a7282311ca66eacfba839046824c687e8d4 @rwstauner committed Mar 23, 2013
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@@ -2,10 +2,18 @@ Revision history for {{$dist->name}}
- - Revert to @Basic Readme in dist
+ - Use BundleInspector plugin to determine prereq info and generate
+ "roughly equivalent" ini configs in pod.
+ - Include plugin version requirements in plugin specs as ':version'
+ instead of 'use' statements (and get rid of the use statements).
+ - Revert to basic Readme in dist
- Generate README.pod (instead of markdown) in repo root for github
(ReadmeAnyFromPod instead of ReadmeMarkdownFromPod + CopyReadmeFromBuild)
- - Remove 'disable_tests' attribute since '-remove' is sufficient
+ - Remove 'disable_tests' and 'skip_prereqs' in favor of role-based
+ '-remove' and 'AutoPrereqs.skip'
+ - Add Tests::ChangesHasContent, CheckMetaResources, CheckPrereqsIndexed
+ - Collect contributors from git and list in meta and pod
+ - Collect =class_method pod commands
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