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Revision history for Dist::Zilla::Stash::PodWeaver
1.005 2012-12-09T02:11:08Z
- Require Dist::Zilla::Role::Stash::Plugins 1.006 for bug fix.
1.004 2012-06-18T18:16:00Z
- Increase dependency on Dist::Zilla::Role::Stash::Plugins to 1.005
for bugfix to enable array subscript config lines.
Thanks to Keedi Kim for reporting.
1.003 2011-10-20T14:13:08Z
- Fix tests to work with newest version of Dist::Zilla::Role::Stash::Plugins
1.002 2011-07-15T00:43:17Z
- Superficial dist/release changes
1.001000 2010-12-16T16:47:46Z
- Initial release