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Revision history for Perl extension {{$dist->name}}
3.005 2016-03-06T02:51:24Z
- Fix pod.
3.004 2016-03-06T02:22:21Z
- Leave email addresses (<>) in tact for Markdown to process.
Thanks to Andreas Boesen for reporting [rt-112631].
3.003 2015-09-28T00:29:45Z
- Bump Pod::Simple prereq to fix bugs that were causing test failures.
- Use Pod::Simple's nbsp_for_S(1) by default instead of handling S<> sequences internally.
This means the feature can now also be disabled if desired.
- Portability improvements for non-ascii platforms.
3.002 2015-08-21T03:24:24Z
- Add attribution to changelog.
3.001 2015-08-21T03:17:57Z
- Increase Pod::Simple requirement to 3.26 for detected_encoding().
Thanks to Lee J for reporting! (gh-15).
3.000 2015-08-16T21:55:14Z
[Bug Fixes]
- Literal ampersands and left angle brackets are encoded as html entities
when necessary to avoid interpretation as html.
[API Changes]
- Make accessors read/write (instead of read-only)
for consistency with Pod::Simple classes.
- Passing unknown arguments to the constructor now produces a warning
and in the future may throw an error.
- For consistency with the other html-entity changes, NBSP characters (U+00A0)
are now used literally for S<> sequences.
This also fixes a bug with code spans nested inside of S<> sequences.
[New Attributes]
- Add `html_encode_chars` attribute to allow customizing what characters
should be html entity encoded.
- Add `match_encoding` attribute to use the same encoding as the input pod
when writing to the output handle.
- Add `output_encoding` attribute to specify the desired encoding
to apply to the output handle.
[pod2markdown script]
- Add command line options corresponding to new module attributes.
- The script now defaults to UTF-8 encoding if no encoding options are specified.
Previous versions did not produce consistent output and would sometimes emit warnings.
Closes gh-14 and rt-101536.
- Remove documentation for deprecated API
(parse_from_file(), parse_from_filehandle(), and as_markdown())
to further discourage use.
[New Packages]
- Added Pod::Perldoc::ToMarkdown to enable `perldoc -o Markdown ...`
Pod::Markdown maintains a backward compatible interface that is incompatible
with perldoc's `-o` so this module has been added to enable the functionality.
Thanks to Alberto Simões for investigating (gh-12) and providing some code to fix it (gh-13).
2.002 2014-07-05T15:20:40Z
- Docs: Add example of command line usage to Synopsis.
Thanks, Cindy Wang!
2.001 2014-04-20T02:40:11Z
- Use double-asterisk instead of double-underscore for bold Markdown.
This allows bold and italic to be nested without confusing parsers.
Thanks to Mike Covington for the great pull request (gh-9)!
2.000 2014-02-01T14:38:27Z
- Releasing previous (1.99[01]) as stable
(now uses Pod::Simple instead of Pod::Parser).
See below for changes.
1.991-TRIAL 2014-01-03T04:07:49Z
[Test Fixes]
- Ignore worthless testing of empty links that fail with Pod::Simple 3.16.
1.990-TRIAL 2014-01-02T14:13:40Z
- Change backend from Pod::Parser to Pod::Simple.
Previous documented API has been ported
however the Pod::Simple API should be preferred for new code.
- Improve escaping of markdown characters.
- Accept for/begin 'markdown' and 'html' regions by default.
- Represent over/back regions without items as blockquotes.
[Backward Incompatible Changes]
- E<> codes used to produce equivalent html entities (&foo;).
These now simply insert the corresponding unicode character.
If you desire alternate behavior please report a bug.
- Tabs are now expanded.
1.500 2013-11-22T15:05:31Z
- Format url fragments (in links to perldoc sections)
according to the destination site (perldoc_url_prefix).
This makes links to sections work where they probably never did before.
They are also customizable.
- Use multiple backticks to delimit code spans
that contain literal backticks.
1.401 2013-11-06T05:30:55Z
- Require Pod::Parser 1.51 for bug fixes.
1.400 2013-11-05T14:18:19Z
[Output Changes]
- Change perldoc urls to point to metacpan.
[Bug Fixes]
- Recognize numbered pod items that do not have a period.
Thanks to Yasutaka ATARASHI for the pull request (gh-4).
- Remove extraneous blank line between verbatim paragraphs.
Thanks to Graham Ollis for the pull request (gh-5).
- Do not escape markdown characters inside links (or file paths).
Thanks to Taiki Kawakami for the pull request (gh-6).
1.322 2012-11-17T15:51:36Z
- Fix incorrect escaping of characters
that are inside inline code blocks in headers.
Thanks to Peter Vereshagin for the pull req (gh-3).
1.321 2012-10-27T01:23:56Z
- Improved list handling including support for ordered (numbered)
and nested lists.
Thanks to Yasutaka ATARASHI for the pull req (gh-2).
1.320 2012-04-30T23:30:11Z
- End markdown output with a newline to be more consistent with...
everything. If this causes a problem for you please report it.
- Enable pod2markdown to accept file paths as arguments
(for both input and output (defaulting to STDIN/STDOUT)).
Thanks to Mike Doherty for the suggestion [rt-76726].
1.301 2012-04-25T03:56:11Z
- Fix double-interpolation of list headings
which caused escaping of the markdown characters.
Thanks to motemen for the pull request (gh-1).
- Add TODO tests for improving list handling.
1.300000 2012-04-08T00:08:25Z
- Document that characters in varbatim paragraphs and code sections
are not escaped.
- Bump release number to demonstrate major formatting difference
of last change (backslash-escaped characters).
(Forgot to do it last time.)
1.200001 2012-04-07T23:16:23Z
- Escape characters that are special to Markdown
(but normal in Pod) with backslashes.
Thanks to Florian (fschlich at zedat dot fu-berlin dot de)
for the initial patch (rt-75620).
1.200000 2011-11-28T17:57:01Z
- Handle POD formatting codes embedded in links
- Render Z<> and X<> as blank strings
- Handle numeric (hex, octal, and decimal) E<> escapes
- Convert spaces in S<> to &nbsp;
[Format Changes]
- S<> no longer produces backticks (code sections).
This is consistent with perlpod and perlpodspec.
Use something like S<C<$x + $y>> if you intend it to be treated as code.
- Author meta tag with no title meta tag does not produce a leading newline.
This was considered a bug.
- More tests, increased coverage
1.120001 2011-11-27T04:07:30Z
- Require version 1.10 of Pod::ParseLink (core in perl 5.12)
to handle alt text with schemes/absolute URLs.
This can be changed from "requires" to "recommends" if it poses a problem.
[Test Fix]
- Skip tests (rather than fail) for alt text with absolute url
if Pod::ParseLink < 1.10
1.120000 2011-11-19T05:44:51Z
- Use Pod::ParseLink to dramatically improve (and simplify) link parsing
(including sections, alternate text, and man pages).
[Format Change]
- NOTE: L</foo> now becomes ["foo"](#foo) instead of [foo](#pod_foo).
This is consistent with perldoc, perlpodspec, and Pod::Simple::(X)HTML
which is used for and
No '#pod_' id/name attributes were ever generated so the links
probably weren't very useful (and probably still aren't).
If this change presents a problem please report it.
1.110732 2011-11-18T04:06:06Z
- Change /\h/ to /[ \t]/ for compatibility with older perls.
Thanks to David Golden for reporting [rt-71961]
1.110731 2011-11-18T03:28:34Z
- Ensure verbatim pod becomes verbatim markdown
by increasing indentation if necessary [rt-72414]
- Co-maintainership granted to RWSTAUNER
1.110730 2011-03-14 10:11:52 Europe/Vienna
- make bulleted lists work at least minimally (thanks ap)
1.103491 2010-12-15 23:03:02 Europe/Vienna
- added Ryan C. Thompson's email address
1.103490 2010-12-15 16:12:31 Europe/Vienna
- improved L<> link handling
- Enabled interpolation of I<these thingies> in headers
1.100860 2010-03-27 14:31:43 Europe/Vienna
- converted the distribution to Dist::Zilla-style
- bin/pod2markdown now uses '#!/usr/bin/env perl'
0.02 2009-10-04 16:30:06 CEST
- E<foo> now outputs '&foo;'
- only generate meta tags if asked to
0.01 2009-10-04T12:24:45Z (Marcel Gruenauer <>)
- original version