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# vim: set ts=2 sts=2 sw=2 expandtab smarttab:
# Check that things which should produce identical output do.
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use lib 't/lib';
use TVC_Test;
plan tests => 2 * 4;
# Check that passing coloring with the 'filetype' option has the same output
# whether Vim knows the filename or not.
my $filename = file('t', 'data', 'hello.c')->stringify;
my $syntax1 = Text::VimColor->new(
file => $filename,
filetype => 'c',
my $text = do {
open my $file, '<', $filename
or die "error opening file '$filename': $!";
local $/;
my $syntax2 = Text::VimColor->new(
string => $text,
filetype => 'c',
compare(file => $syntax1, 'string' => $syntax2);
# Same again, but this time use a reference to a string.
my $syntax3 = Text::VimColor->new(
string => \$text,
filetype => 'c',
compare(file => $syntax1, 'reference to a string' => $syntax3);
sub compare {
my ($t1, $s1, $t2, $s2) = @_;
my $desc = "output for hello.c is the same from $t1 and $t2";
is($s1->html, $s2->html, "HTML $desc");
is(xml_minus_filename($s1->xml), $s2->xml, "XML $desc");
is($s1->ansi, $s2->ansi, "ANSI $desc");
is_deeply($s1->marked, $s2->marked, "Array reference $desc");
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