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Revision history for Test::Most
0.25 2011-08-17
- Add timeit() function to time individual behaviours.
0.24 2011-06-18
- Update dependencies to pick up multiple bug fixes, new behaviours,
in various Test:: libraries.
0.23 2010-09-08
- added "Excluding Test Symbols" feature (RT#61146, Karen Etheridge).
0.22 2010-08-07
- Added always_explain() and always_show().
- Apply doc fixes from ranguard. Thanks :)
0.21_04 2010-02-06
- Give people the ability to exclude test modules in case of
conflicts. This is to resolve: "Prototype mismatch: sub
main::blessed ($) vs none" error with Moose and Test::Deep. See
0.21_03 2010-02-06
- Bump up dependency on Test::Builder. Need that for done_testing()
and to deprecate all_done().
- Remove strict and warnings from tests since they no longer need them
- Decided to bump up the minimum version number for all test modules.
This module should be "one stop shopping" for most people.
- Moderately significant POD update.
0.21_02 2010-02-06
- Import strict an warnings.
- Increase version requirement for Thanks to Gerda
Shank for that.
0.21_01 2009-02-18
- Have explain() depend on Test::More::note() (patch from Schwern)
- Depend on Test::More directly (patch from Scwhern)
0.21 2009-02-18
- No changes. Update version for release.
0.20_02 2008-11-26
- Make sure tests don't fail if optional Data::Dumper::Names
dependency is not met.
0.20_01 2008-11-25
- Added &show. Like &explain, but tries to show variable names.
0.20 2008-11-06
- If a test dies because die_on_fail() or 'Test::Most qw(die)' is
triggered, we now throw a 'Test::Most::Exception' rather than simply
dieing. This makes it easier for software to understand what's
happening if this is trapped in an eval.
- Have t/00-load.t report dependency versions since CPAN testers does
not reliably do this.
- Move some tests to xt/author to ensure that spurious failures don't
cause CPAN install issues.
0.12 2008-10-15
- Make sure we don't get redef warnings with Test::Builder 0.82.
- Expose &set_failure_handler to people can customize it more.
0.11 2008-07-29
- explain() now automatically uses Data::Dumper on references.
0.10 2008-07-22
- Rename internal keys to begin with TEST_MOST_ instead of XXX_.
- Rework tests to be slightly less comprehensive but more likely to
pass (removed the otherwise lovely Test::Command until we can figure
out what's up with it).
0.04 2008-06-19
- Forget to add Test::Warn to :)
0.03 2008-06-18
- Remembered to add t/defer_plan.t to the manifest. D'oh!
0.02 2008-06-18
- Fixed Perl version in Build.PL to avoid problems with smoke testers
skipping this test.
- Added Test::Warn support (suggestion from benh).
- Fixed bug whereby Test::Deep tests were not exported. Whoops! :)
- Add deferred plans. Thanks to barefootcoder++ (Buddy Burden) for
- Added build dependency on Test::Command (nice module!)
0.01 2008-01-13
- Use the most common test features.