Provides comment threads for other services.
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las2peer-CommentService Build Status

This is a las2peer service allowing other services to provide comment functionality.

Other services can create a comment thread (via RMI) and set up permissions. Users post comment to this thread using a REST api. The service makes heavy use of the distributed storage of las2peer. All user content is encrypted using UserAgents and GroupAgents in order to be independent from specific ServiceAgents. This means that the service can be deployed everywhere on the network while each instance uses the same data.

There is also a CommentManagementService to show how to call the CommentService's RMI methods.

ROLE widgets are provided for both services. Also, there exists a Polymer element.


  • add, edit and delete comments
  • administer comments (thread owner can remove comments)
  • reply to comments
  • up/downvote comments
  • permissions (owner = admin, writer = post comments, reply and vote, reader = read-only access)
  • RMI methods to create and delete threads

Build & Run instructions

Run ant build to build the service. Two service jars will be generated: the CommentService and the CommentExampleService (for testing and demonstration purposes).

To test the service, run ant run and start a http server (at port 8081, otherwise you have to change the URLs in the widgets source files) at /ROLE-Widget/ and navigate to http://.../CommentExample/commentexample.html or use the provided ROLE-Widgets.

How to use in your service

Use the provided createCommentThread(long owner, long writer, long reader) and deleteCommentThread(String id) methods using invokeServiceMethod() (see CommentExampleService class for an example and additional hints).

createCommentThread() requires three (group) agent ids to set up permissons: owner (admin rights), writer (add comments and vote) and reader (read-only access).